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yarinige's Journal

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lj graphics of colored manga and anime

This is our personal icon community. You'll find a ton of colored manga here, because it's what we love doing the most! But sometimes there will be anime icons. And.. icons of actual people.

We've also got tutorials, headers, mood themes and contests. Those are pretty rare though.

So if you see something you like -- and hopefully you do -- leave a comment! We love hearing feedback.

Also, you can't join, but feel free to watch this community! All posts are public anyway.

So while you're here, we'd like to remind you of the terms of use with my icons.

First and foremost, do not hotlink. If our bandwidth gets sucked out, the images will not display and we all lose. : (

Please do not edit the textless icons. They are not bases.

Credit either revanche, imported or yarinige. We're not on some nightwatch, looking for people who don't credit. It would be nice, however, if people saw the icon and were led here, where the icons are born. *_*

Yarinige means...
遣り逃げ; やり逃げ 【やりにげ】(n) (sl) (vulg) having sex with a woman and then breaking off contact with her (esp. after telling her that you love her); wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am

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